Lenders promise big savings on your student loans. Read the fine print

Lewis Goldman, the chief marketing officer at at LendKey, said they were working to take such old ads off the internet. “We don’t make claims any more about absolute savings,” Goldman said.

The CEO of Splash Financial, Steven Muszynski, said its advertised savings rate of $29,340 is “very sporadically used.”

“We also are clear wherever it is used that this savings example is not showing the average savings of customers but is rather a hypothetical example,” Muszynski said. (It assumes a borrower’s interest rate is nearly halved).

“All are pretty aggressive in their marketing,” said Mark Kantrowitz, the publisher of SavingForCollege.com.

The key takeaway, he said, was that “you should be skeptical about the average savings figures.”

Before you refinance your student debt, use a loan calculator (Kantrowitz has one on his website) to compare the monthly payments and total bill of your current loan against a potentially new one.

“Keep in mind,” Kantrowitz added, “a longer repayment term leads to lower monthly payments, but also more interest paid over the life of the loan.”

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Ricky Williams is excited to not smoke pot in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Ricky Williams was a dominant running back on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy in college and punishing defenders for 12 seasons in the NFL. But the enigmatic star also carried a bit of a reputation. Williams served various suspensions after being caught violating the NFL drug policy four times, with marijuana being the main culprit.

And after his playing days ended, Williams went on to become a medical cannabis advocate. So, yes, there has been a bit of chatter out there that Williams enjoyed partaking in the wacky tobacky, and that reputation often seemed to obscure his professional accomplishments and other personal attributes.

So when asked by EW what misconception about himself that Williams was looking to dispel while competing on Celebrity Big Brother (which premieres Jan. 21 on CBS), the former running back did not hesitate. “I think a big misconception towards the latter half of my career is that I am a pothead,” says Williams. “In the house there won’t be any pot, and so it will be a chance to show people who I really am outside of the rumors.”

WAIT, THERE’S NO POT IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE?!? That doesn’t seem right. Regardless, Ricky looks forward to showing both the other contestants and the millions of viewers that there’s more to the man that a seeming affinity for reefer madness.

He also thinks he can win! “I’m an authentic, genuine person that people typically like,” Williams tells us, “and I think I’m going to be a difficult person to evict.” But he does recognize he needs to work on his social game. “The hardest thing about being in a house with all these people is gonna be to be social and force myself to be social,” he notes. “I’m naturally a loner so I’m going to have to keep reminding myself, make small talk. Even though it’s painful for me, make small talk, make small talk. Get to know these people.

And you can get to know Williams by watching our video interview above. Also, make sure to check out our Q&As with Anthony ScaramucciKandi BurrussKato KaelinJoey LawrenceDina LohanRyan Lochte , and Lolo Jones as well as our full cast gallery.

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The Real Winners and Losers from UFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    Whether you call it UFC Fight Night 143, UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 1 or UFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw you can call the event a defining statement for the flyweight division. Brooklyn showed up to the Barclays Center and witnessed a saving performance.

    UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo welcomed the UFC bantamweight champion to 125 pounds and finished him in 32 seconds. Potentially saving an entire division filled with talented fighters. In the post-fight interview, Cejudo posed a rematch with Dillashaw but for his 135-pound crown.

    In the co-main event, Greg Hardy was disqualified after landing an illegal knee against Allen Crowder. The loss does nothing good for him or the UFC, but it perfectly encapsulated Hardy’s presence in this sport.

    Along with those two bouts, there were 11 more bouts. Beyond who got their hand raised and who did not, who were the real winners and losers?

    Let’s not belabor the point any longer, these are the true victors and true losers following the UFC’s first event of the new year.

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    Yes, Henry Cejudo is a big winner. But every single flyweight on the roster is part of his victory in retaining his flyweight championship.

    After Demetrious Johnson was traded away, it looked like the UFC could very well cut the division. Had T.J. Dillashaw defeated Cejudo on Saturday, perhaps the division would be dissolved. The UFC would not have had much incentive to keep it around.

    Instead, Cejudo destroyed Dillashaw inside of a minute.

    Dillashaw bounced around but ate a big punch that dropped him to a knee. Cejudo pounced and finished. Dillashaw never really got a chance to get going.

    Cejudo saved the entire division and did it emphatically. Joseph Benavidez won earlier in the night and after the main event his next bout may now be for the UFC flyweight title.

    Rarely do fights have this kind of significance, but this particular title tilt had everything on the line for the lightweight male weight class in the UFC. Jobs were saved. Families were fed. 2019 started off gleefully for the 125-pound roster and now they all owe Cejudo a debt of gratitude.

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    Did we expect anything less?

    Greg Hardy entered as one of the most scrutinized fighters and he hadn’t even fought outside of Dana White‘s Contender Series. This was his first official UFC fight and he gave all of his critics more ammo after a disqualification.

    Hardy’s terrible past that includes domestic violence (h/t ESPN.com) created an inherent bias against him. It was warranted, but if he wanted to fix his image he could have done so much more leading up to his debut. Following that up with a disqualification for an illegal knee will only go to reinforce the feeling of who he really is deep down.

    As Daniel Cormier and Stephen A. Smith said on the broadcast, the foul appeared to be accidental and not malicious. Hardy threw the knee as Crowder was on his way up, but his knee was still clearly down. It may have been mistimed. But it could have been intentional. We will never know.

    What we do know is that his reputation didn’t go through any rehabilitation. It just got reinforced. A total loss for Hardy and the UFC.

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    At one point in time, Paige VanZant was the fresh face of the UFC. She got her own Reebok deal, appeared on Dancing with the Stars and was given every media opportunity she could handle. Unfortunately, her performances inside the cage left a lot to be desired.

    She helped recover a bit of that with a come-from-behind showing on the main card of the latest Fight Night event.

    Rachael Ostovich was in full control of the fight. She completed several takedowns and landed several solid right hands. VanZant was surviving, but not much more. In the second round, Ostovich thought she saw an opportunity to get VanZant’s back but she slipped off and the entire fight changed.

    VanZant was quick to take top position and then went after submissions. An armbar presented itself and Ostovich tapped.

    VanZant takes a lot of criticism that has been brought on by her favorable treatment. The one thing she has continually shown throughout her fighting career has been heart and grit. It helped her find this win, and perhaps that heart should be her legacy. A never-say-die attitude that endears her to all that watch.

    Now, back in the win column, she may find herself in another prime spot to show her skills and work herself into the title talk.

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    When a fighter steps up on short notice, they are almost never a loser. Especially when they are fighting a higher-ranked fighter.

    That was the case for Karl Roberson. He stepped up and took on Glover Teixeira without much preparation time.

    So, why the loser tag? Because he had this fight won.

    As Teixeira sought a takedown, Roberson landed hard elbows that hurt Teixeira. He was able to go after a finish. Unable to capitalize, Texieira grabbed hold and didn’t let go. Roberson couldn’t separate and go back to a distance or defend the takedown. The Brazilian made it look easy.

    The reversal of fortunes was so quick and decisive that it was surprising. Roberson looked to have an upset win, and within another minute the fight was over. The old man staved off the youngster en route to the victory.

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    Sarah Stier/Getty Images

    Welcome back to lightweight, “Cowboy”.

    No. 11-ranked contender Alexander Hernandez was supposed to have his coming out party against the aging Donald Cerrone. The longtime vet would have absolutely none of that on Saturday as the featured prelim bout on ESPN.

    Cerrone was accurate and made use of every angle. Hernandez ate the shots well, but they quickly showed their damage. Hernandez’s lack of refinement was highlighted as Cerrone carefully picked his shots and mixed up the strikes to continually pelt his opponent.

    In the second round, Hernandez slowed down a bit. That difference was just enough to allow for Cerrone to end the fight. A brutal head kick put Hernandez on the mat where Cerrone followed up with ground and pound until the referee stepped in to save the young gun.

    Gatekeeper? Not so much.

    In addition to the win, Cerrone called out Conor McGregor. The biggest star in the sport accepted the challenge via his Twitter. A bigger win than the fight itself.

    Capping off the UFC’s first showing on ESPN by earning a potential fight against McGregor was the best-case scenario for Cerrone. Mission accomplished.

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    “The Queen of Violence” comes out of Brooklyn as a big loser.

    A loss in your UFC debut is not the end of the world. Look at bantamweight contender Marlon Moraes. It’s about how you lose. And Lipski was dominated. Dominated in a way that didn’t inspire confidence in her as a title threat.

    On the canvas, against an opponent not known for her grappling, Lipski was completely handled. Is there any confidence moving forward that the upper end of the division couldn’t do the same? No.

    Lipski is young, athletic and talented. She can improve over time and become the threat many thought she would be on the outset. However, this initial entrance into the UFC was a complete failure for her and ruined some of the hype she had garnered. That’s a big loss.

    In a new division, without a lot of depth, she may not get the time she needs to grow as a potential contender.

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    Joanne Calderwood entered the cage as the No. 10-ranked flyweight but also as a significant underdog to former KSW champion Ariane Lipski. After eating a couple well-placed punches in the opening few seconds, Calderwood utilized her growing skill set to dominate.

    Calderwood is known for her striking skills, but under the tutelage of John Wood her jiu-jitsu has become a serious threat.

    Lipski was always a step behind on the ground. After the first round, Calderwood was also able to find more success with her striking. She kept Lipski out of range and used her full tool kit in the win. The win puts her in the mix at 125-pounds. In the post-fight interview, she called out flyweight contender Jessica Eye.

    Upending the much-hyped Lipski may earn her that title eliminator. It was a statement-making showing for the Scottish star.

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    Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    Cory Sandhagen had a little bit of hype within the MMA community, but largely he entered Saturday as an unknown. It is safe to say that after Saturday, Sandhagen made a major move up the ranks.

    It was the first-ever UFC fight on ESPN. After a few fights on the ESPN+ service, the preliminary card continues with Sandhagen vs. Mario Bautista on ESPN’s flagship station. And once the fight was on the ground, Sandhagen put on a clinic.

    Transitioning from submission to submission, Sandhagen searched for an opening. Finally, the armbar presented itself and he got the tap.

    The official time of the stoppage came at 3:31 of the first round, and it was a perfect way to kick off the UFC’s latest television partnership. Sandhagen’s quick submission showed how great the ground game can be and gave new fans a look at the exciting world of MMA.

    It was a big performance with big results.

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Highlights: James Harden Scores 48 Points as Hot Streak Continues vs. Lakers

Houston Rockets star James Harden may not have reached the 50-point mark for the third consecutive game on Saturday, but he came awfully close.

Harden helped the Rockets rally from a 21-point deficit against the Los Angeles Lakers to pull out a 138-134 victory in overtime. And it was another ridiculous performance out of the reigning NBA MVP.

His line: 48 points, 14-of-30 on field goals, 8-of-19 from three-point range, eight rebounds, six assists and four steals. 

It marked the 19th consecutive game with 30-plus points for the NBA’s leading scorer, a feat that ESPN Stats & Info notes puts Harden in exclusive company with Wilt Chamberlain. 

Also per ESPN Stats & Info, few have ever had a three-game stretch like Harden:

Harden will have an opportunity to keep the momentum going on Monday as the Rockets head to the City of Brotherly Love for a showdown with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Trump says deal ‘could very well happen’ with China, but denies he’s considering lifting tariffs

President Donald Trump said on Saturday there has been progress toward a trade deal with China, but denied that he was considering lifting tariffs on Chinese imports.

“Things are going very well with China and with trade,” he told reporters at the White House, adding that he had seen some “false reports” indicating that U.S. tariffs on Chinese products would be lifted.

“If we make a deal certainly we would not have sanctions and if we don’t make a deal we will,” Trump said. “We’ve really had a very extraordinary number of meetings and a deal could very well happen with China. It’s going well. I would say about as well as it could possibly go.”

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will visit the United States on Jan. 30 and 31 for the next round of trade negotiations with Washington.

That follows lower-level negotiations held in Beijing last week to resolve the bitter dispute between the world’s two largest economies by March 2, when the Trump administration is scheduled to increase tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.

According to sources briefed on the ongoing negotiations, cited exclusively by Reuters on Friday, the United States is pushing for regular reviews of China’s progress on pledged trade reforms as a condition for a trade deal — and could again resort to tariffs if it deems Beijing has violated the agreement.

“The threat of tariffs is not going away, even if there is a deal,” said one of three sources briefed on the talks who spoke with Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Chinese negotiators were not keen on the idea of regular compliance checks, the source said, but the U.S. proposal “didn’t derail negotiations.”

A Chinese source said the United States wants periodic assessments but it was not yet clear how often.

“It looks like humiliation,” the source said. “But perhaps the two sides could find a way to save face for the Chinese government.”

The Trump administration has imposed import tariffs on Chinese goods to put pressure on Beijing to meet a long list of demands that would rewrite the terms of trade between the two countries.

The demands include changes to China’s policies on intellectual property protection, technology transfers, industrial subsidies and other trade barriers.

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Glass star James McAvoy ‘f—ing loved’ working with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis

James McAvoy didn’t get to work with Samuel L. Jackson or Bruce Willis in 2017’s Split, even though the film dwells in the same M. Night Shyamalan-created cinematic universe as the pair’s 2000 superhero saga, Unbreakable. Jackson didn’t feature in Split at all while Willis only appeared in the closing moments, to reveal that the two movies were part of the same tale.

However, McAvoy did very much act with the duo in the just-released Glass, which finds his Kevin Wendell Crumb, Jackson’s Elijah Price, and Willis’ David Dunn being treated at a psychiatric facility for their comic book-inspired “delusions” by Sarah Paulson’s Dr. Ellie Staple.

“It was two very different experiences and two experiences that I f—ing loved,” says McAvoy of his time on-set with the Unbreakable stars. “Sam has been one of my favorite actors for a long long time and he’s somebody who really digs acting, do you know what I mean? He loves acting and he’s very generous with his fellow actors. When he sees somebody committed, and going at it, and all that kind of stuff, if he sees an actor sweating blood, he seems to really get into that. But also at the same time, Sam is really forthright and upfront. If he doesn’t like something you know about it quick and if he does like something you know about it even quicker. And that’s just an exciting person to be around.

“Bruce was very different. Bruce was very quiet and very enigmatic. He in a very different way was hugely generous. He’s just such a quietly strong presence to have on set — very very generous in a very different way. Less loud and forthright.”

Watch the trailer for Glass above.

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Lonzo Ball Won’t Return vs. Rockets After Ankle Injury Diagnosed as Sprain

Los Angeles Lakers' Lonzo Ball in action during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Indiana Pacers, Monday, March 19, 2018, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Darron Cummings/Associated Press

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball suffered a sprained left ankle during the third quarter of Saturday night’s game against the Houston Rockets.

The Lakers announced Ball would not return and that he was headed to a local hospital for X-rays, according to Mike Trudell of the team’s official website. X-rays were negative for fractures, per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

Two teammates carried Ball off the court and to the locker room:

The 21-year-old guard had eight points and 11 assists in 22 minutes before exiting because of injury.

Ball dealt with an ankle injury earlier in the season and played just 52 games during his rookie campaign after Los Angeles selected him with the No. 2 overall pick in 2017. He also underwent knee surgery during the offseason prior to the 2018-19 season.

The UCLA product averaged 10.2 points, 7.2 assists, 6.9 rebounds and 1.7 steals per game as a rookie and has posted 9.9 points, 5.3 assists and 5.4 rebounds during his second year while playing alongside LeBron James.

Ball’s injury is just the latest for a banged-up Lakers squad. Both James (groin) and point guard Rajon Rondo (finger) have been out since Christmas Day. Both James (cleared to return to practice next week on Wednesday) and Rondo (cleared to return to full-contact practice on Friday) appear to be nearing returns.

With Ball and Rondo sidelined, Josh Hart, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Lance Stephenson figure to rotate in the backcourt.

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